We provide assistance to our clients during the bidding process with preparation of addenda, attendance at pre-bid conferences and bid openings and possible evaluation of bids received.

Construction Documents

All necessary construction documents and written specifications will be prepared during this phase to prepare a complete bid/proposal package. These items will be subject to a final review by various approving agencies. Upon receipt of the reviewals from the intended users and reviewing agencies we will then incorporate those comments into the final construction documents to be used by the bidders and the successful contractor.



The Mahler and Associates design team will conduct a "design workshop" by conducting interviews with the users and individuals involved, as well as, review the existing program information to determine the needs of each and every client. We will work closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and requirements. The information gathered will then be verified against the sites master plan for conformance and for future expansion considerations. The program will also and must be examined to determine the impact on the function of the existing spaces and to ensure adherence to the project budget and schedules.

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Design Development

By maintaining proper communication between our clients and our staff, our project team will effectively identify and evaluate all building systems to ensure cost efficiency during the selection process of all systems. We will develop conceptual drawing solutions that will illustrate the building program requirements and design image. These drawings will include; site plans, floor plans and image sketches of the exterior. We will also review all proposed materials against the standards that have been set forth. All of these issues will be evaluated to comply with budget, schedule and their affect upon the facilities functionality.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design is one of the initial phases of our development process. Even if you have a good idea of what you want in your design, there are several tasks required in this phase that cannot be ignored, because they can and will affect the outcome and quality of the overall design. This phase analyzes existing conditions, the construction site and the way you live and work. We will then take this important information and create an effective solution. Communication is crucial, both from you to the Architect and from the Architect to you. Schematic Design results in a report of analysis findings, two-dimensional sketches, three-dimensional computer generated models and a preliminary cost estimate for budgeting purposes.
The program document will be our design team's manual for organizing the schematic design phase. Various spatial layouts of the required spaces will be explored and their impact on the organizational and functional requirements of the facility examined. All designs will be checked and verified according to the budget set forth and the expected schedule.

​Construction Administration

During this phase our team will place a great emphasis on the job site conditions. We will provide regularly scheduled site visits along with detailed reports and attendance at all necessary construction meetings. We will review submittals, pay requests and will be readily available for all possible clarifications that may be required. At the conclusion of each construction project, we will then prepare and submit record drawings, prepared from the contractor supplied as-built drawings, which will be on magnetic media.