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Graeme H.D. Mahler, AIA - President & Architect

Rodney Kadlec - Vice President & Production Manager

Timothy Mead - Project Manager

Holly Helgeson - Office Manager 


"Mahler understands that a building doesn't have to be over-expensive to be valuable, durable and exciting!  The building feels welcoming, contemporary and relevant.  Mahler really understood the feel we wanted and then delivered.  Our students, parents and staff LOVE the new building!"

-- Dale Beutel, Executive Director-Stride Academy Middle School


"Mahler & Associates Architecture has an extremely personable staff and desire to satify their customer."

--Corey C. Gerads, President-Alliance Building Corporation

“Mahler and Associates have an excellent grasp of the development process and understand the questions to ask.   In addition, they have the information needed to clearly define the scope to not just us consultants, but their clients as well. This prevents miscommunication problems and streamlines the design team’s work to prevent time and money inefficiencies that arise when things are not mapped out ahead of time.”

“As we wrap up a set of construction documents for Mahler and Associates, I take comfort in knowing that we are sending out a coordinated set of documents. Graeme and Rodney take the time to review our drawings making sure that nothing is falling through the cracks.”
--Joe Nicholson, P.E.


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Mahler & Associates Architecture’s primary focus is providing excellent service to our clients.  We approach our projects with an interactive, straightforward process, which delivers the best possible design in terms of both function and aesthetics.  We are a practice-centered architectural firm that responds to client needs with innovative design excellence and detail-oriented project performance. 


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Mahler and Associates Architecture was founded out of its principal's appreciation and respect for the relationship between design and purpose; project and environment; architect and client.